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One chart that shows iOS is winning in the enterprise


by Ron Miller
Ness Blogger

You will find more statistics at Statista

When you look at smartphone marketshare, it's clear that Android is winning that battle both in the US and to a larger extent in the rest of the world, so it may come as a surprise to you that this chart indicates that in spite of those numbers, Apple has won the hearts and minds of enterprise users.

First let's look at the numbers. According to a chart on using data from Appcelerator, iOS is far and away the most popular mobile OS when it comes to developing enterprise mobile apps (or at least what they plan to develop in the future), which would seem to be as good a metric as any in terms of determining where busnesses are putting their resources.

According to the data, iPhone and iPad lead the way with 80 percent of the companies reporting creating apps for those devices. The closest Android device was phones with 71 percent reporting create apps for Android phones. 

The next point is where it gets interesting because HTML5 Web Apps comes in third with 60 percent ahead of Android tablets at 59 percent.

As for Microsoft it's really bringing up the rear as its marketshare numbers would suggest with 26 percent creating apps for Windows phones and 25 percent for Windows tablets. That Microsoft touts these Windows devices as the business-friendly alternatives and still hasn't been able to get close in terms of enterprise app development plans speaks to the struggles that Microsoft is having to gain mindshare among developers, even in the enterprise.

Interestingly enough, the data breaks out Kindle Fire separately from other Android tablets or perhaps Android tablets would be in third place with 75 percent.(if you added the Android tablet number with Kindle Fire's 15 percent). It's also worth noting that Amazon just released the new Kindle Fire HDX, which reportedly has built in several IT friendly features to make it more palatable to the enterprise and might give it a lift in overall development plan numbers over the next year.

That BlackBerry phone still has 12 percent and the BlackBerry tablet has any share at all is a bit of a shock given that BlackBerry never sold all that many tablets and its device marketshare is fading fast.

It's an interesting temperature reading though of the enterprise and it gives you a sense that for now at least, people are very likely using iOS devices in the largest numbers inside the enterprise. And in spite of criticisms over the years that Apple hasn't been overly friendly to business, it would seem to be the most popular choice.

That could be because in an age of Bring Your Own Device, many people are choosing to bring Apple products and this is translating into IT giving users what they want.

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