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Infographic: The Internet's top players


By Ron Miller
Ness Blogger

If you're inclined to look at the Internet as a horse race, it's not a big surprise that it's dominated by a few key players --the technology titans of the internet, if you will-- but in spite of our preconceptions, you might be surprised to learn for example, that Google owns the browser market with 43 percent, at least of June of this year. 

You would probably be less surprised to learn that Facebook owns the social space with 71 percent, but what surprised me was Pinterest was in second place ahead of Twitter. The mobile numbers appear to be conservative giving Android the lead with 38 percent worldwide. Some companies have pegged them with close to double that, but whatever the numbers they dominate, except in the US and UK where Apple rules the roost.

The numbers in this infographic give you an interesting window into the life of the internet today and how users are accessing it and interacting with it and that could be useful for you has your plan your projects and decide where to place your resources.

Internet War Report - Infographic
Source: Internet War Report – Infographic
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