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Infographic: IT finally ready to embrace the cloud


By Ron Miller
Ness Blogger

When we speak of the cloud, we are talking about a range of services from infrastructure to platform to software. In a recent survey of 200 IT pros by Aerohive networks found that 90 percent of respondents are in the process of exploring cloud services today. 

The top three areas they are exploring are web services (which I assume is software as a service), collaboration and backup and storage. They obviously didn't talk to developers because there is little discusssion of platform as a service.

But the infographic shows the key benefits and concerns that IT pros have around cloud computing, and that's consistent with what I've heard for years. That we are starting to see at last a shift to cloud adoption in spite of these concerns shows that we are finally reaching a maturity level. Although the numbers still seem low to me, they at least are trending upward.

aerohive cloud infographic with information about cloud adoption based on a survey of 200 IT pro 0713 Surveying 200 IT professionals

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