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Infographic: More reasons for developers to pay attention to emerging markets


by Ron Miller
Ness Blogger

Last week, we wrote about analyst Mary Meeker's view of China and why developers need to be paying attention to it as a market. This week, we have an infographic that shows the growth of smartphones as the chief means of accessing the Internet in Latin America.

Both of these reports indicate that emerging markets are a key area of potential growth for developers. In Latin America for instance, according to Sandvine, LTE is fundamentally changing how people access the internet, and for the most part people are using smartphones as the onramp to the internet.

What does this and other data in this infographic mean for developers? It means you need to be paying attention to other markets outside of the US and the EU because the potential for growth in these areas is huge as more people have access to smartphones.

If you want proof of this trend, at Mobile World Congress this past February I saw a couple of phones aimed squarely at this market, including the Nokia 520 (which has been doing great in India) and the ZTE Open, which runs the open source Firefox OS and is aimed at the youth market in Latin America.

Infographic 1H 2013

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