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Infographic: The Paradox of Too Many Passwords


In an effort to protect our systems, we have inadvertently made them less secure. That's because employees sometimes have 10 or 15 separate passwords they have to remember.

What's more, some IT departments force them to change them every 30-60 days. 

You may think that's making you more secure, but with so many passwords to remember, users can't possibly track them. When I spoke to Alison Ruge, a Cisco researcher recently, she told me that it's gotten so bad 2/3 of the people she interviewed in a small study reported carrying their passwords on a piece of paper. How much more vulnerable does that make you in the name of protecting your systems?

The data in the inforgraphic below isn't quite that bad with 59 percent saying that they are relying on memory, while 33 percent are using a password manager. The trouble is, can you actually believe them? Are people going to admit they are writing them down?

Regardless, most companies could benefit from some sort of single sign-on tool that reduces the complexity of having all these passwords. 

This infographic illustrates some of the issues with managing multiple passwords across a variety of systems.


0429 EXP Passwod Proliferation infographic 041513

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