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iOS rules the skies infographic


by Glenn Gruber
Ness AVP Travel Technologies and Mobile Solutions

There has long been debates over who is leading in the smartphones wars — Apple or Google.

Apple fans talk about innovation, quality, the revenues for developers from the App Store and user experience. Android fans talk about activations and market share. But while more Android phones are purchased (I’ll include “free phones” with activation) iOS seems to have the lead in usage as measured by mobile web browsing statistics.

Well that lead for iOS is no longer just a terrestrial advantage. In a recent post,Gogo Inflight published stats of device usage on planes and while the split between laptops, smartphones and tablets are roughly equal,  iOS has a 3:1 advantage over Android in OS share.

I wonder if Fred Wilson still says to develop Android first . Enjoy the infographic below:

Gogo infographic

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