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5 Links for Developers and IT Pros 2-1-13


describe the imageby Ron Miller
Ness Blogger 

It's Friday and that means it's time for our weekly feature where we search the Web looking for 5 interesting, funny and poignant links for developers and IT Pros.

If you missed our most recent post, Can Microsoft or BlackBerry break the iOS/Android Developer Stronghold?, please check it out now. Microsoft and BlackBerry face a a quandary. They can't really attract developers in large numbers away from iOS and Android without a critical mass of phones -- and phone buyers tend to stay away from phones without a vibrant app store. It's a stalemate that's going to be tough to break.

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And without further delay, here we go with this week's links: 

Is Google Chromebook Enterprise Ready?| Tom's IT Pro

The Google Chromebook appears to be taking the laptop market by storm. They are cheap, light-weight and cloud driven devices. Seems like the kind of hardware IT could love, but are they ready for the enterprise. Tom's IT Pro gives you the answer.

Why Enterprises Need Their Own App Store | Mendix Blog

While the big wide open app stores have lots of useful apps, they also contain ones that distract or even could be harmful. That's why veteran technology journalist Pam Baker argues that it's time for enterprises to open their own app stores with company sanctioned ones. Might not protect users from themselves, but at least it gives them a fighting chance. 

The delusions that companies have about the cloud | GigaOm

This article from an industry pro who helped launch Google Apps explores the three levels of insanity that make up the anti-cloud arguments. They address the biggest concerns about the cloud, but this author turns those concerns on their head. Compelling reading. 

How did SharePoint become the poster child for bad enterprise software? | CITEworld

SharePoint is probably the most popular enterprise content management software ever created, yet its detractors are many. How could such a popular piece of software become the embodiment of bad enterprise software? Hint: It's partly due to its complexity.

The world needs more smartphone operating systems? | FierceWireless

As we open the new year, we have a slew of new smartphone operating systems on the way, most of which are open source. These could prove attractive to handset makers looking for an alternative to the Google Android hegemony. It could also provide a way to expand beyond the desktop for these platforms. The question remains though whether these companies can make a dent in the dominant player's market share. 

Photo by Ron Miller. Used under Creative Commons Share Alike/Attribution License.

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