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Users Give Poorly Performing Mobile Apps Short Shrift (infographic)


iStock 000021602783XSmallA survey of mobile app users released today found users have little patience for under performing mobile apps. In fact, 98 percent said performance matters and a full 46 percent of respondents said they would delete the app immediately if it didn't perform as expected.

That doesn't give you a lot of time to make a good impression. Your only saving grace here is that 27 percent said they would give an app more time if they paid for it (although it's not clear just how much leeway that would be). Even if users don't eighty-six your app, chances are they'll give it a bad review or bad mouth it on social media. None of these are happy outcomes.

It's worth noting that it's not all hopeless. Eighty-nine percent of respondents said the top thing developers can do is fix the problem. If you can't fix the problem, 65 percent said you should provide a way to get easy refunds, which is not always the case with mobile apps. 

The survey, which was conducted by Usamp and sponsored by Apigee, which makes API technology for developers, involved 500 US Americans and asked them their opinions on app usage on smartphones and tablets. The survey did not break down the results by operating system or manufacturer.

As always with a sponsored survey, it's important to note that the survey is usually designed to put the sponsor's product and services in the best possible light, but the results are telling nonetheless.

The following infographic summarizes the survey results and illustrates how impatient users tend to be if mobile apps don't perform as expected. Developers beware.

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