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5 Links for Developers and IT Pros 9-14-12


5 9 13 12It's Friday and that means it's time for our weekly feature where we search the Web looking for 5 interesting, funny and poignant links for developers and IT Pros.

If you missed our other post this week, Facebook Abandoned HTML5 - Should You?, please check it out. Mark Zuckerberg admitted this week in an interview that going with HTML5 instead of developing native apps was a huge mistake for Facebook. What does that mean for you and your development strategy because not everyone has the resources of Facebook and the wrong decision could cost you dearly.

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And without further delay, here we go with this week's links:

Star Trek Tech that Exists Today | Input Output

When Star Trek was first broadcast in the 1960s, all of the technology was clearly in the realm of science fiction, and while you still won't find transporter technology today, there are quite a few technologies that now exist (or are at least in development).

10 Reasons Development Teams Don’t Communicate | Smartbear

Every organization has communications issues across and within departments, but it's so important, that as we see development teams further and further spread out from one another that you knock down the communications walls, stem the petty bickering and reduce the politics. This piece tries to explain how these issues develop inside development organzations.

Microsoft annoys developers with Windows Phone 8 secrecy | ZDNet

Microsoft really knows how to make friends and influence people, doesn't it? As it releases perhaps its most important mobile OS ever, it's alienating the one group of people it should be befriending -- and that's developers. Instead, it is limiting the release of its latest mobile SDK to its most successful developers. Others who are outside of that group aren't happy.

The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: September 2012 | tecosystems

Programmers have been known to have almost religious zeal for their programming languages, so Red Monk thought it would be useful to quantify which ones were most popular. This post includes a popularity graph so you can see for yourself and share with your friends.

It is time for Apple to become little more Open | Anand

Turns out it's not just Microsoft that is pissing off developers. So is Apple. While consumers applauded the iPhone 5's new screen size this week, developers let out a collective groan because that screen size means all their programs need to be reworked to fit on the new size, and Apple has not done a great job of communicating with its developer community about these changes.

Photo by Ron Miller. Used under Creative Commons Share Alike/Attribution License.

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