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Consolidating Data Center Infographic


If you're an IT pro in a large organization, you know how difficult is to control data center growth, yet control it you must or costs could spiral out of control. It's something the federal government has recognized and has mandated at least 1200 of an estimated 3130 data centers by 2015.

And it's not just large entities like the Federal government that are closing data centers. Laurence Hart, who is CIO at AIIM, a information management association has been asked to close his company's lone data center by the end of the year and move all the company's IT services to the cloud. He recently outlined his plans in a blog post.

But moving to the public cloud is not the only way to curb data center growth. Virtualization also offers the promise of better utilization of existing resources as does building private clouds. This infographic looks at IT attitudes toward data center consolitation, virtualization and the private cloud. 

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Do Data Centers
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