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5 Links for Developers and IT Pros 6-29-12


5 6 29 12It's Friday and that means it's time for our weekly feature where we search the Web looking for 5 interesting, funny and poignant links for developers and IT Pros.

If you missed our other post this week, As App Market Matures, Retention Becomes Key Metric, please check it out. Measuring app success by the number of downloads is so 2009. You need to look at app retention -- the number of times the app gets used instead.

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And without further delay, here we go with this week's links:

What's In YOUR Computer? How to Track Down The Bad Stuff | Input Output

You probably have systems in place that protect your firewall, looking for bad things trying to get in or even stuff trying to get out, but this article talks about malware sitting on a computer and its impact on performance. Once it's there, it can cause problems and most security systems don't look for it.

Microsoft: The Evil Empire re-Surfaces | ZDNet

With the Microsoft Surface, veteran technology writer Jason Perlow argues that Microsoft is completely undercutting the hardware OEM channel it worked 30 years to build. What's more he thinks it will cost valuable manufacturing and retail jobs in the US as the channel gets choked. What do you think? Is the Surface going to have that big an impact? I'm not so sure.

Android Jelly Bean: An Overview Of The Features | The Droid Guy

This week was Google I/O and there was certainly plenty to talk about including a new cloud infrastructure service, the Nexus 7 tablet and a new flavor of Android for tablets called Android Jelly Bean (or version 4.1 for those of you who prefer to track version numbers instead of snack foods). This post gives you a good overview of what to expect in the new version.

How to Keep the Government From Weighing Down Your WAN | Intelligent WAN

When you set your WAN security system, you need to consider how government regulations affect your plans. For example, if you are subject to Sarbanes Oxley or Hippa regulations, you have to be sure you're protecting information as required by these laws.

Agile By the Numbers - Which Ones Don't Make Sense? | About Agility

When you move to an Agile approach, you have to watch being too rigid or you'll defeat the purpose of the model. As this writer says, you need to be pragmatic and include a healthy dose of common sense, or you'll be following a methodology without taking into account the real needs of your team and your project.

Photo by Ron Miller Used under Creative Commons Share Alike/Attribution License.

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