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Technology Could Change Airport Experience Dramatically


by Glenn Gruber
AVP of mobile solutions 

describe the imageYesterday I had the distinct pleasure to participate in a Tnooz webinar called “Rethinking airports for future connected travelers”. In this webinar we examined how technology is shaping the needs and expectations of airport visitors and the industry, focusing on a number of key issues:

  • How will airline and airport operators engage with customers?
  • What strategies and business models enable airlines and airports to seize new opportunities for managing the total trip experience?

The webinar was sponsored by Amadeus (Disclosure: Amadeus is a Ness Technologies client, though that was not why I was chosen to participate). The panel included:

  • Brian Beard, Amadeus, executive technology consultant
  • Glenn Gruber (me), Ness Technologies, AVP travel technologies
  • Patricia Simillon, Amadeus, head of airlines operations strategy
  • Kevin May, Tnooz, editor and co-founder/moderator
  • Gene Quinn, Tnooz, CEO and co-founder/producer
The webinar was based in part on a recent white paper from Amadeus entitled “Reinventing the Airport Experience“.
In my portion of the presentation, I focused on how mobile technologies are having a tremendous impact on the traveler’s journey to and through the airport and what the future may hold:
  • Geo-fencing triggers on the way to the airport
  • Check-in and upsell opportunties
  • Navigating the evolving airport experience to make ‘killing time’ more enjoyable
  • The boarding process

My last, and perhaps most important point was that the travel industry must realize that they are not the only ones thinking about these problems. Apple most notably has been thinking about this — not just the Sasquatch-like (rumored, but never actually seen in the wild) iTravel patents, but the recent announcentment of Passbook at the WWDC on Monday.

The replay of the webinar and the slides are below. Enjoy!


Photo by charclam on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.


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