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There's Big Money in Them Thar Games (infographic)


You always sensed that there was money in gaming apps, but this infographic illustrates that game apps might even be be bigger than you thought.

People use game apps more than any other type of app including checking the weather, which is fairly remarkable if you think about it.

And where's the most popular place to play games? You would think it would be on the move, but it's not. By far the most popular place is in bed. 

iPhone owners spend by far the most time playing games, followed by Android owners. While this makes sense because they are the two best selling phones, it's not necessarily a given that just because the phones are popular that folks play more games, but that's what's happening in this case.

If that's not enough to get your attention, there's plenty more, but let's conclude with this data point: the smart phone gaming market as popular as it is, is expected to double by 2016. If you're a developer, that has to get your attention.


Little Games Big Business
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