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5 Links for Developer and IT Pros 4-13-12

5 4 13 12It's Friday, and a Friday the 13th no less, and that means it's time for our weekly feature where we search the Web looking for 5 interesting, funny and poignant links for developers and IT Pros.

If you missed our other post this week, Building Hybrid Apps?: Important Change in iOS 5, please have a look. A recent change to iOS may make it more difficult to use tools that let you create an app once then deploy on multiple mobile operating systems.

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And without further delay, here we go with this week's links:

It's time to run Java out of town | InfoWorld.

With Java responsible for the latest security issue on the Mac, and often culpable on Windows vulnerabilities, one writer thinks it could be time to get rid of it. What do you think? Is this throwing the baby out with the bathwater, or is it time to shut down Java?

OpenStack vs. CloudStack: The beginning of the open-source cloud wars | ZDNet.

Are you ready to rumble?! We have ourselves a genuine donnybrook in the open source world over which cloud stack to use. It's an unusual battle for open source, and it should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Favorite iOS and Android Apps for IT Pros (slideshow) | InfoWorld

Great slideshow that looks at mobile tools for IT pros. Even if you find slideshows annoying, it's worth a look to see what your fellow pros like.

Cloud ROI: How Much & How Soon? | The IT Pro.

It's all well and good to say the cloud offers cost savings, but most IT pros want proof of ROI -- and why shouldn't they? This article looks at a realistic model for cloud ROI.

An Unfair Comparison between an IBM PC and an iPhone 4 (infographic) | Input Output.

This hilarious infographic compares the configuration an original IBM PC with an iPhone 4. The title warns you it's not a fair comparison.

Photo by Tomma Henckel Used under Creative Commons Share Alike/Attribution License.
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