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Many Brands Still Struggling to get Mobile Web Basics Right

Guest post by Glenn Gruber
Ness AVP, Mobile Solutions

As we ended 2011 many people were asking me what I thought was next in the world of mobile and whether I had any predictions. My response was that companies should focus on getting the basics right first (develop a coherent mobile strategy and create mobile optimized versions of their websites) before even worrying about “what’s next”.

I’m a big advocate for creating native or hybrid apps, depending on the type of engagement you desire with your customer (a topic for a whole other post), but creating a mobile optimized website is pretty much a must these days, considering how much search and browsing is done on mobile
courtesy of emarketer.comIt seems a recent report from L2ThinkTank bears out my view. The report focuses primarily on luxury brands, what they refer to as the Prestige100 (though I’m quite sure how Macy’s makes the list; but I digress). Though the report is limited to luxury brands, it’s my impression that the results are at least directionally applicable to the overall state of mobile maturity across various sectors. Their research shows that many of these brands are not yet mastering the basics, as indicated by this chart reported by eMarketer using L2ThinkTank data.

As I am ensconced in the travel sector these days I wanted to highlight the results from hospitality brands. In many ways the results don’t differ much from what I had noted 10 months ago in a post I wrote over at Tnooz.

The only companies that fit into the Prestige100 were luxury hotels (one might have thought that airlines like Singapore or Emirates or luxury cruises like SilverSea might have made the cut, but alas, no).While Intercontinental made the “Gifted” class and as a whole, the “Hospitality” segment averaged a score of 86, which falls in the “Challenged” category.
L2 Chart
The good news, as the chart from the L2 slide shown above, puts Hospitality as the second highest rated industry, behind retail, but also shows there’s still a long way to go. And I would further speculate that the scores for the non-luxury hotels would come up even a bit lower still

You can view the entire L2 SlideShare presentation below:
Prestige100 mobile2012

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This post originally appeared on the Software Industry Insights blog.

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