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5 Links for Developers and IT Pros 4/1/11

2043222049 b6a504dca9 mIt's April Fool's Day, but we're not here to play a joke on you. Like every Friday, we're here to give you five great links for IT pros and developers.

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Without further ado, this week's links:

The worst code base I’ve seen in my life - ioannis cherouvim blog.

In this humorous bitter-sweet post, a software engineer describes his experience slogging through the worst code mess he's ever seen. Reading it should at the very least make you feel a little bit better about your current situation.

Three Years of Scrum at Socialtext - Software Quality Connection.

The programming drama continues as one writer describes his experience using the Scrum programming methodology at his employer. It's a positive look at how one company manages its programming schedules. Be prepared purists, this is not a standard Scrum implementation.

5 Reasons Why People Uninstall an Application - DeskMetrics.

Is it your program or is there is another reason people simply uninstall your master work? Here are 5 reasons your users are uninstalling, and yes some of them you can fix.

Do-It-Yourself Mobile Apps for Small Business - Small Business Computing.

Small business owners might think that mobile apps are too expensive and out of their reach, but they would be wrong. This article walks you through everything you need to know to build your own mobile apps.

Can't Find a Job You Like? Become a Self-Employed IT Consultant - TechTarget.

Not everyone is cut out for the 9-5 grind and this piece focuses on one IT pro who had enough and went out on his own. Might not be for everyone, but check out this article and see if you think it's right for you.
Photo by tangi_bertin on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.
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