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5 Links for Developers and IT Pros 3/25/11


5547499657 50618df314 mWelcome back to the Friday 5, our regular feature with five links from around the web, chosen especially for developers and IT pros.

If you missed our post earlier this week, VMware on the iPad Could Change Everything, please give it a read.

Here we go with this week's links:

Google Opts to Indefinitely Hold Honeycomb Source Code - IT World

While Google's reasons sound reasonable enough, developers can't be pleased that Google has announced it will be holding the Honeycomb source code indefinitely. So much for Google's openess as a differentiator.

Open Flow: Internet 3.0? - ZDNet

Even before IPv4 is officially gone, and as IPv6 moves to the forefront, a group is proposing another way to move information packets through routers and switches on the Internet. But do we really need it?

Certificiation Can Increase Your Perceived Value to Employers - TechTarget IT Knowledge Exchange

Certifications have lost some of their luster, but new efforts to increase their value could help you when your next performance review comes around.

Test Apps for SmartPhones and Mobile Devices (without buying out the store) - Software Quality Connection

With all of the mobile permutations out there, it can turn into a development and testing rat's nest, but there are tools to help sort it all out and be more efficient with your limited resources.

Put Your Cloud on a Diet (or Windows Azure and Scaling - Why?) - Maarten Balliauw {blog}

One of the chief lynch pins of cloud theory is the fact it scales up and down easily to meet demand, but just how well does Azure do that? Perhaps a usage spreadsheet can help.

Photo by S@veoursm:)e on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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