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Five for Friday 2/25/11

422503896 94c393f9db mWelcome back to our weekly link review, Five for Friday. Please check out our post from earlier this week, 5 iPad Alternatives That You Could Be Seeing the Enterprise Soon. Even after this was posted came word that Xoom was officially released and Apple has scheduled an event for March 2nd widely believed to be the iPad 2 announcement. The market is developing and changing rapidly.

This week we have two links from the brand new Software Quality Connection. It could easily have been all five. I highly recommend you check out this excellent site.

Let's have a look at this week's links:

Selling Agile to the CFO: A Guide for Development Teams - Software Quality Connection
If you're working in an organization that's new to Agile development, one way to get it off the ground is to sell the idea to the CFO. It takes money and development resources to make it happen, so getting CFO involved makes a lot of sense.

Handwringing Over Mobile Security - Internet Evolution
As employees bring more mobile devices from home into the workplace, it raises a whole slew of issues around securing these devices, and recent data suggests that companies are concerned about how to make this happen.

Did Acer accidentally invent the cloud workstation - Computerworld
This is an interesting article speculating that Acer might have developed a cloud workstation that consists of a monitor with built in CPU and operating system. It's certainly an intriguing idea.

The 6 Biggest Misconceptions about IPv6 -
You've probably been hearing a lot about IPv6 lately and what it means. This article explores some myths around this technology and reveals what's true and what's not.

I Think My Testing Group Can Do Better - Software Quality Connection
Maybe you think your testing group is letting a lot slip that they should be catching. What do you do? This article offers some practical advice on how to identify problems and improve your testing operation.

Photo by WagsomeDog on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.
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