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Five Chief Technology Officer Blogs (for Friday)


As a follow-on to my post about CTOs on Twitter, I thought I'd compile a list of CTO blogs. My primary bias was that the blogs had to be regularly maintained and written by actual CTOs. I looked at blogs by large companies and blogs by start-ups and settled on these five.

  1. Steve Herrod, CTO, VMware - Steve's posts are periodic—once a month or so—but in-depth and provide clear insight into VMware's technology strategy. The most recent post, which goes into great detail on VMWare's vision for technology partnerships, is a good example of Steve's overall approach. Plus, I like that his blog is just one of VMware's many community blogs.
  2. Ron Tolido, VP and CTO Global Application Lifecycle Services, Capgemini - I wasn't sure whether to link to Mr. Tolido's personal blog, which is mainly a compendium of articles he's written (sometimes in Dutch) for various publications, or to Capgemini's CTO Blog, which is co-authored by Capgemini's Global CTO Andy Mulholland, so I decided to do both! If nothing else, you should check out Mr. Tolido's post on application retirement, especially if you are thinking of adding any new applications to your IT portfolio.
  3. Bill Annibell, Director of Technology and CTO of Sapient Government Services - What I like most about this blog is its "bloginess." First of all, it's on Tumblr. Second of all, it reads like a collection of personal thoughts, experiences, and things Bill's found on the web, which is what it is. Also, while he does write about technology, his focus is just as often on nuts and bolts issues (uninstalling the Internet Explorer 9 Beta, for example) as it is on "big" issues like innovation or the evolution of technology consumption.
  4. McAfee's CTO Blog - I have a soft spot for security issues which is one reason I included this blog in here. Also, McAfee has at least three CTOs from various divisions and they all contribute to the blog. If you are interested in short link spam sites, advanced persistent threats, or Operation Aurora, this the CTO blog for you.
  5. K. Scott Morrison, CTO (and Chief Architect) at Layer 7 Technologies - Mr. Morrison and his co-authors (Adam Vincent, CTO—Public Sector, and Francois Lascelle, Technical Director, Europe) write pragmatic posts on things like SOA, the open data protocol, information security and the cloud, among other things. Of the five blogs listed here, this is probably the most intensely technical.

So, what CTO blogs do you read? Which would you recommend?

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