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Cloud Computing: A more effective and efficient use of the Internet?


Ness recently hosted an Executive Leadership Briefing in London and invited Dr. Katy Ring, director of Sift Media's K2 Advisory business, to facilitate the evening's discussion.

During a brief interview at event's end, Dr. Ring noted the following:

- Given the apparently pervasive concerns regarding security in the cloud, the industry needs to do a better job educating potential clients on the specific security advantages of cloud computing, especially when compared to traditional client-server architectures. 

- Speaking to a number of organizations of varying sizes, she found the general consensus that, in the foreseeable future, all applications will be deployed in a cloud-like environment, worthy of note. The major issue at present seems to be the transition costs of moving applications to the cloud, not perceived problems with the cloud model itself.

- Finally, when nay-sayers insist that the cloud is a solution in search of a problem driven primarily by marketing hype, Dr. Ring sees things differently. Cloud computing, in her view, is the IT industry's way of providing businesses and governments with a more effective and efficient way of using the Internet. 

If you'd like to see her comments in full, please watch the video below. 

If you'd like to share your thoughts on cloud security (is your data center really more secure than the cloud?), the future of cloud adoption (are we all headed there?), or marketing hype (is it or isn't it?), please do so!

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