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Cloud Adoption and Small to Medium-Sized Businesses


Last week Ness and Sand Hill Group sponsored a dinner event in Silicon Valley where we invited Ursheet Parikh, Founder and CEO of StorSimple to speak on the topic of "Achieving Technology Leadership in the Cloud." 

Following the dinner, we caught up with Sand Hill's M.R. Rangaswami to get his impression of the evening's main takeaways. In addition to finding it interesting that the cloud adoption rate of SMB's was twice that of larger companies, M.R. felt that the main theme of the evening was this: Business needs are the key driver of cloud adoption. 

He added that concerns about security and privacy seem to be "red herrings" and that ultimately, if cloud-based offerings solve a pressing business problem, they get adopted. If not, not.

Here are M.R.'s comments in full:

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