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Big companies see big business from big data in cloud


Dollars in the cloudby Ron Miller
Ness Blogger

Big Data and the Cloud are natural partners. Big Data requires a lot of resources which may vary over time and several announcements of late suggest that companies are beginning to recognize this as Amazon, and IBM have announced big data crunching tools in the cloud.

The cloud by its nature has elastic sets of resources that can scale to whatever needs a company has. When you're talking about Big Data, that's going to require a lot more resources than most companies have to spare or are willing to invest in. That's where the cloud comes in.

Recently at the Amazon re:invent event, Amazon announced a new big data processing tool in the cloud they are calling Kinesis. As Amazon itself describes it, it's "a fully managed service for real-time processing of streaming data at massive scale." It's no wonder, that Amazon CTO Werner Vogels writing on The Guardian was predicting that Big Data analysis in the cloud would be a trend in 2014 that could allow for real-time data analysis.

Amazon has set a high bar for Kinesis. As Andy Patrazio wrote on CITEworld about the new product, "Kinesis is capable of accepting any amount of data, from any number of sources, scaling up and down as needed. The client library handles load balancing, coordination, and error handling, doing the background work, so the developer only needs to focus on processing the data as it becomes available."

But Amazon isn't alone trying to capture Big Data business in the cloud. Just last week at the Dreamforce conference, SFDC was making its own Big Data announcements. Salesforce believes the future lies in the Internet of Things, sensor data with everything from toothbrushes to car engines and Coke machines offering data. This data will provide massive amounts of information and the Salesforce vision moving forward is to provide ways to process and understand that information to better serve your customers.

And finally, we have IBM, which has been searching for a way to monetize its Watson technology since it put on a big dog and pony show on Jeopardy a few years ago, defeating three Jeopardy champions. But it has had some difficulty applying that machine learning technology and massive data processing capability in the real world. Its latest attempt is to put Watson into the cloud where anyone can take advantage of this technology. For now as PCWorld reports they are working with third-party partners to build industry specific applications on top of the Watson platform to process data and provide answers to business problems. 

Each of these products and services illustrates that big companies see big potential for Big Data and they want a piece of this action. That all of these companies are in the cloud is not a coincidence. The cloud provides a place to store and process this data and provide customers with whatever resources they require (and are willing to pay for).

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