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5 Links for Developers and IT Pros 11-15-13


5 at CinemarkBy Ron Miller
Ness Blogger

It's Friday and that means it's time for our weekly feature where we search the Web looking for 5 interesting, funny and poignant links for developers and IT Pros.

If you missed our most recent post, Infographic: Your users might not be using sanctioned apps, please check it out. It's no secret BYOD and consumerization have changed the balance of of power in organizations. To combat that, many companies are producing their own internal apps as alternatives to consumer offerings, but research has found that a vast majority of users don't like the company offerings. That means you had better come up with better alternatives and work harder to understand your users' requirements.

And without further delay, here we go with this week's links: 

Cloud-based security on its way to  being a billion dollar business | CSC Engage 

You could look at the cloud and see a security risk, but others might look at it and see a security opportunity. It all depends on your perspective, right? In fact, Gartner says it's already a billion dollar business and it predicts that number is just going to keep getting bigger. 

CoIT? No, it’s CoUX! | A Screw Loose Blog

We tend think of consumerization in terms of its impact on IT, but this writer says it's more about the user experience and IT pros need to pay attention to how well they are producing a good experience for their users. It takes more than a list of functions. Users expect a good experience too.

Interview with Heroku's Mattt Thompson: The Incredibly True Story of Why an iOS Developer Dropped His CS Classes and Eventually Learned How to Fly | Heroku Blog

The great thing about iOS and other app platforms is that in their own way they put app development in reach of people who might not have been programmers. Certainly Mattt (yes the three Ts is correct) Thompson had a computer science background, but he really took off when he became an iOS developer. This is his story. 

IT pros: Are you getting paid enough? | CITEworld

This is the kind of question that really doesn't make sense. The answer is always going to be No, but it's still worth asking, right?

Watson as a service: IBM preps AI in the cloud | InfoWorld

Ever since Watson beat the greatest Jeopardy champions ever, IBM has been searching for a way to make money with this technology beyond the dog and pony show. The latest effort is an attempt to offer artificial intelligence as a service in the cloud where anyone with a credit card can take advantage of Watson's abilities. 

Photo by Ron Miller Used under Creative Commons Share Alike/Attribution License.

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