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Infographic: Your users might not be using sanctioned apps


By Ron Miller
Ness Blogger

The good news is that lots of companies are trying to build apps as alternatives to commercial ones your employees may be using on their smartphones. The bad news is they often don't like them. In fact, a new study by Mobiquity found that almost two-thirds of your users find your home-grown alternatives lacking.

How bad is it exactly? Well it's very bad. Sixty percent of users abandon your carefully designed apps, while 64 percent just provision their own alternatives, thereby bypassing any security you might have built into yours.

And that could be part of the problem. In your effort to build an IT-friendly app, you might have sacrificed usability at the alter of security. If you want your users to use the apps you design, you have to build apps that are as good as or even better than what they get off the shelf, and forcing users to enter 28 character verification codes is probably not going to make them feel warm and fuzzy about using your sanctioned company apps.

Some companies have answered by trying harder. Some have tried to shut off access altogether (good luck with that, especially in BYOD companies). The study found that almost 70 perecent of users are using their own devices. You can huff and puff all you want, but your users are going to use the tools they want on their own devices unless you provide a reasonable alternative.

This infographic is just one world view of the state of enterprise apps, but it's one that rings true and one that you should be paying attention to. It means you have to find ways to understand your user's needs better or they're going to find ways to deal with their needs themselves.

 mobiquity employee app satisfaction FINAL

Courtesy of Mobiquity Inc.

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