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The Content Platform is King


"Content is king." That sentence sums up one of the web's most time-honored truths. It means, in a nutshell, web content drives web traffic. If people value the content on your site, they will come; if they don't, they won't.

As with many things, however, it's all about your perspective.

Sports fans, for example, want sports content and they'll go wherever they can to find it. To them, it's king.

But for the leagues, teams, tournaments, and other related businesses, content is an asset. To these stakeholders, the real king is whatever allows them to reach fans, on the one hand, and generate revenue on the other.

In this game, the content platform reigns supreme. 

A solid content platform enables sports organizations to deliver a wide variety of content to their fans either via the web or via whatever mobile devices the fans prefer. At the same time, the platform needs to provide ways for organizations to monetize this content via subscriptions, ecommerce, ad sales, and so on.

The platform chosen by Barclays Premier League (which, btw, boasts the fourth highest gross revenue of any sports league), numerous individual football and cricket clubs across England, Virgin Media Sport, ITV Sport, and a host of others is provided by Perform.

To give you a sense of Perform's reach, in 2009 they streamed 16,927 live sporting events and drove over 139 million monthly page impressions across their network of managed websites.

To give you a sense of why I'm writing about this here, on Monday we were happy to announce that Perform had chosen the Ness Software Product Labs team to extend their software product engineering capability. Specifically, through our global development center in Kosice, Slovakia, Ness will partner with Perform’s teams in the UK and India to develop the next generation of Perform’s Web and Video Content Management, Distribution and Syndication platform.

Did I mention that the content platform is king?


Image Source: / CC BY 2.0

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