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Ness Software Engineering Services provides multiple offerings that accelerate business impact and provide measurable value to our clients. Supported by a variety of expert capabilities, our offerings are delivered through a product/platform lifecycle approach for rapid, focused and sustained value creation. Ness SES’ offerings include:

  • Modernization – Our Modernization services enable you to adopt a software engineering approach to updating your systems for a smooth transition to a next-generation version of your information architecture.
  • Mobile ServicesOur Mobile Services help you keep pace with the speed of mobile technology. We offer end-to-end services that enable you to successfully navigate the mobile landscape and mitigate the risks associated with integrating evolving and emerging technologies into your business processes.
  • Ness Adaptive AgileWe work with you to evaluate your software development effectiveness, then leverage our best practices to implement improvements to make a measurable impact on your productivity, accelerating your time-to-market and improving competitive advantage.
  • Ness Engineering Effectiveness – Our Engineering Effectiveness evaluates your software development lifecycle process to create visibility into any friction and identify opportunities for improvement. Ness’ model is built around the three key processes of Process, Technology and Quality Optimization, which encompass tools and metrics to help you ensure you’re delivering maximum value to your clients.