Ness by the Numbers

  • 12 years of software product development leadership
  • 4,000 talented resources in four geographies
  • 150 active clients in 15 countries
  • 3,500 agile software releases per year
  • Technology centers in:
    • India
    • Eastern Europe
    • North America
    • Israel

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Ness Software Engineering Services Overview

Ness Software Engineering Services provides full software development lifecycle services in partnership with our clients, enabling them to achieve measurable business growth.
Ness Software Engineering Services (SES) helps many of the world’s leading companies improve their overall software development effectiveness by providing a full spectrum of engineering services that add value at all stages of the development lifecycle. As a strategic partner, we work closely with our clients to optimize development and deliver competitive advantage through a transparent, product/platform lifecycle approach to software development rather than the traditional project-based focus for fast, measurable and sustained value creation. 

The Ness Effect = Measurable Business Impact
Ness SES believes that strategically partnering with clients creates value. We commit a focused team to each client engagement for the duration of the software development lifecycle rather than just the life of a particular build. This means that each client has a dedicated group of experts with an intimate knowledge of their initiative for its duration. These strategic partnerships leverage Ness’ engineering expertise, best practices, and flexible, global delivery model to help clients achieve their objectives more quickly. Reaching your goals faster creates competitive advantage and accelerated value – it’s what we call “The Ness Effect”.

From Consulting to Software Engineering to Professional Services, Ness SES’ solutions were designed to support and accelerate your objectives during each phase of the lifecycle, leading to reduced cycle times and faster time-to-market. We participate in and impact your software development, from planning through release and beyond. Whether you’re looking for better innovation, more scalability or higher revenue, Ness provides end-to-end expertise that adds measurable value at all stages of the development lifecycle.

Transparency Creates Competitive Advantage
Ness SES clients gain further competitive advantage from NessSMART®, a customized process optimization platform that creates better efficiency by ensuring project goals are closely aligned to the intended outcome throughout the software development lifecycle. The components of NessSMART® are tailored to your engagement’s objectives and are governed by metrics to ensure the intended results, and to monitor—and modify if necessary—each step of the process along the way. NessSMART® provides a level of transparency that enables timely insight into the development process, driving speed to value through enhanced productivity, improved quality, and precipitated innovation.